Real cinema experience for the little ones – The enlarged projected pictures appear one by one on the wall of the darkened room

Fairy media mini movie for the kids

Real cinema experience for the little ones – The enlarged projected pictures appear one by one on the wall of the darkened room

Slide Projector

The magic of the time spent together is a determining experience for the child. Fixed pictures – Children can admire the details, reflect upon them and put questions. Manual film feeding – We can adapt ourselves to the requests and percipience of the child. Magnificent coloured graphics – An excellent method of the aesthetic education. Brief subtitles under the pictures – Easy to grasp and understand. The most beautiful tales of children’s literature – Useful tool of the intellectual and emotional education. The magic of the spoken language – Tales are read out in the familiar, kind voice of the parent. Junior pupils can take pleasure in reading out the short texts – They practice and become fond of reading. It is recommended by psychologists, who consider the slide one of the most various and best methods of the young children’s education.

The psychologist’s opinion, Quotation by Julia Smith, psychologist:
“It is well known that in the 2-7 age groups the visual representation is a matter of the greatest importance. However, the researchers pointed out that a small child can obtain important information about the surrounding world by means of a dominant adult’s messages. Moreover, a small child can accentuate the essence only if the voice and the picture reach him/her together and these are divided in sections; or to be more precise, these get to the child in his/her own rhythm. In other terms, although the television and the video paralyze the children of kindergarten age, they do not provide them with suitable information. The slide is different, because the pictures can be watched near the beloved adult; moreover, the pictures, that quicken the imagination, can be watched together with the beloved adult’s story and each picture is viewed only as long as the child takes an interest in it, but till then in any case.”
And upon our recommendation, too – if you “simply” want to present your child with a special experience! The slide strip and its projection as an artistic genre…The slide, the artistic genre of projection is not unknown in Europe; the framed slide meant an excellent method of visual demonstration even in the near past. However, the adaptation of stories and transfer of knowledge in the form of slide strips spread only in the Eastern-European countries. In the 1950s and 1960s slides served as means of mass communication and education, but they gained their popularity through the adaptation of tales and became one of the most preferred methods of entertaining children. Excellent artworks have been made, and the atmosphere of the projection provides us with such a pleasant and everlasting experience, that as parents we would like to pass it on to our children – thus the liking of slides is inherited by the new generations. The projection, the world of the slides enraptures everyone. Perhaps, because it has an effect from many different angles:
- A literary experience, affecting our intellectual-emotional world
- An aesthetic experience, brought about by the excellent graphics
- A film/ cinema experience, due to the enlarged and projected pictures, shown in the darkened room, rolling one after another
- A common activity, because the projection usually takes place in family circle, among friends, playgroups, nursery circle times…etc
- It can be an artistic challenge to the reader
- A real sense of achievement for small children or language learners, because of reading and understanding the brief texts

Please, get to know it! We wish you to have a good time!
At present our offer consists of 25 titles that can be purchased with English subtitles as well. We are going to extend our selection in the future.

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